Equipping Classes

BreakThrough Biblical Counseling Classes

BreakThrough Biblical Counseling training is an equipping ministry to prepare the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).  It is the heart of Pastors Greg and Dr. Sandy to see the body of Christ raised up to minister to those who have yet to deal with the hurt and brokenness of their past.  Pastors Greg and Dr. Sandy together have over 40 years of ministry experience.  Dr. Sandy has a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling.  

The Biblical Counseling Training has been redesigned to accommodate busy life styles. The course is composed of five, six-week modules. Each module must be taken consecutively. The fifth module is a Practicum. The purpose of Breakthrough Biblical Counseling is to equip students to help bring emotional and spiritual wholeness to the body of Christ. It is our belief that wounded souls delay destiny in the lives of Believers.

The cost for each 6-week module is $80.00 per student for early registrations. The cost is $95 per student if registering after the early registration cutoff date.  

Each module builds upon the previous module, so students must take each module in sequence.  Classes are open for at-the–door registration on the FIRST NIGHT and SECOND NIGHT  classes ONLY.  ~ NO EXCEPTIONS~


It is important for anyone in ministry to walk in purity. Character development is essential. As a minister of Christ, character is more important than gifting. Without character a person cannot represent Christ.


God's desire is that we walk in His blessings. Students will be taught how to identify curses in areas such as generational curses, ungodly beliefs and mindsets, and cult and occult curses. The student will learn how to break these curses using biblical healing prayer.


Understanding boundaries is an important part of ministry. Students will learn how to identify unhealthy boundaries and to counsel others in establishing healthy boundaries.


This module examines how woundedness affects a person's soul and spirit, and how this can delay or prevent a person from fulfilling their God-ordained destiny. The student will learn how to minister healing prayer in order for Christ to heal the inner man. In-depth study examining biblical methods for ministering healing to the entire person. As the inner man is set free, a person is then able to choose and become all that God has for them.


Biblical principles are taught concerning ministering balanced deliverance as it relates to the entire person. Inner healing is not complete until a person has been set free from all demonic influences.


In this module students will learn how to build upon the understanding and biblical principles they have learned. Students will learn how to apply these principles in a practical manner through examining various counseling situations.


Students are given the opportunity to practice biblical counseling as teams in a supervised classroom setting.