Our precious 75-years-young sister shares how even when it's difficult to face our "stuff," the freedom is more than worth it! It's never too late; start your journey today! "Take this class if you want to further your walk with Him."
From the first day of class, our sister discovered that these courses are more for the attendees than for anyone else. The Breakthrough difference is how the Holy Spirit can cut through years of "garbage" and bring healing! "You can't help anyone with anything that you haven't been healed from yourself. - Dr. Sandy" "If you don't do anything else for yourself, I'd say take this class."

Brannon S.

You may go to equip yourself to better serve your brothers and sisters in Christ but this class ends up changing your life. Its not for those looking to put another "notch under your belt" but for those who desire truth in their inner most being as they seek to get closer to the Lover of their soul and their Daddy God. My opinion is, it should be required for anyone in any kind of ministry or leadership positions to go through or take a training class similar to this.
I just cant say enough about it.


Sheila L.

Fantastic teaching in the Breakthrough classes and the Prophetic classes I love the Prophetic meetings on Fourth Friday.


Our brother shares his testimony of increased healing and freedom. For years he relied on the mind and intellect, but he has come to love the efficacy of this approach. "The Holy Spirit can accomplish quickly what could take many years of traditional counseling. I'm impressed by how well the Holy Spirit demonstrates God's love by healing the hurting person, giving them freedom from their past and allowing them to enjoy close relationship with God."
Our sister shares how this class helped her understand others and herself. She is free from anger and people-pleasing! She learned that it's okay to say, "That's not my problem," and not feel bad about it. She also received deliverance from childhood issues long buried. "In spite of being a Christian, I still had doubts about if God really loved me. And so I know that regardless of my flaws, God loves me! I am beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made because He created me."

Kathy F.

When I first attended one of the weekend classes I honestly did not know what to expect (I was scared of the unknown) I am glad I continued the classes, eventually, but it was a process. Slowly the layers of lying to my self, believing that I did not deserve better or self pity were falling off. I love and appreciate Greg and Sandy Burkett they are really a blessing. It is well worth an investment in your time and spiritual growth.


Anita D.

I highly recommend these classes and grateful to your obedience to God to walk in your divine calling.